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Challenges of studying malaria in the Amazon

Story Photo

Photography by Charles Harless 17MPH


Amazonian Stars

Charles Harless 17MPH was one of the winners of the Global Health Institute Student Photography Contest. He writes of this photo: A malaria research hut exudes light as the Milky Way shines beautifully in the clear Amazonian night sky. In a region of the Amazon Basin classified by the national government as the "deep Amazon," indigenous villages are small and spread out and lack running water and electricity. This makes studying the rampant malaria in the region exceedingly difficult. In order to conduct its ongoing research, the Peruvian Institute for Infectious Diseases brings a small electrical generator to power their devices. Additionally, a simple light microscope used to diagnose malaria strains is illuminated by a single standard headlamp within the hut seen in this picture.

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