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Media Savvy

“Racism is difficult to tackle, because it fundamentally requires a redistribution  of power, wealth, and resources. . . . It’s a marathon,  not a sprint.” Kimberly Jacob Arriola,  executive associate dean  for academic affairs, told  US News & World Report.

“If we’re making  a plane, right now we’re at the production level. We can say it . . . can at least get off the ground. But can it  get me from here  to Paris?”   Carlos del Rio,  professor of global health,  told NBC News in a discussion  about a COVID-19 vaccine.

“The use of a chemical that  causes people to cough violently  can lead to more spread of disease.”  Bob Bednarczyk,  assistant professor  of global health, told CNBC discussing the use of tear gas during a pandemic  to break up protests in Portland.

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