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Showing support through scholarship funds

image of bruce fowler  

Dr. Bruce A. Fowler is concerned about the future of the planet. “This is the only home we’ve got,” says Fowler, an adjunct professor at Rollins. “We need a robust public health infrastructure and well-trained people to keep this home habitable.”

He points to the recent coronavirus outbreak as but the most recent public health hurdle. “We can’t even predict what challenges we’ll face ahead,” he says. “We need to nurture a core of people with the expertise, knowledge, and vision to deal with them.”

Toward that end, Fowler has established the Bruce A. Fowler Scholarship in environmental health. He hopes it will help to cultivate such experts, as well as thwart a problem he knows all too well from his days as director of the University of Maryland program in toxicology. “As a program director, it used to drive me crazy when we found an outstanding student who wanted to come to our school but lost them because we didn’t have a way to support them financially,” says Fowler, who is also founding partner at Toxicology and Risk Assessment Consulting Services. “I hope this scholarship will help the department recruit and support the most outstanding students out there.”

photo of alison golson with husband with the mountains  

Two new scholarships have been created in the Department of Health Policy and Management. Alisa Long Golson 98MPH and her husband, Brian, have established the Golson Family Scholarship. “We are at a point in our lives where giving back is very important to us,” says Alisa. “Emory means a great deal to me and my family. I have been so impressed with what my Rollins classmates are doing and the difference they are making. We wanted to support health policy and management students to keep making that difference.”

photo of Michael Ugwueke and wife at a charity event  

Dr. Michael O. Ugwueke 86MPH and his wife, Rebecca N. Ugwueke, have endowed a scholarship for a health policy and management MPH student. The Ugwueke Family Scholarship will support students who have demonstrated a commitment to improving health in West African countries. “Emory has been a very important part of molding my passion and my profession,” says Ugwueke, CEO of Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare in Memphis. “I wanted to give back, and I wanted to recognize those who are struggling to afford tuition, since I was in that same position.” Being raised in eastern Nigeria, Ugwueke says he also wants to support students who are interested in addressing the health issues of his home country and its neighbors.

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