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Rollins-developed PrEP Locator adopted by CDC platform

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The CDC’s National Prevention Information Program (NPIN) recently incorporated the PrEP Locator tool into its directory of HIV/STD/hepatitis testing locations. Created by Dr. Aaron Siegler, associate professor of behavioral sciences and health education, PrEP Locator is the first national database of clinics prescribing Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP)—a drug that is highly effective in preventing the spread of HIV for those at risk.

Moving forward, Siegler's team will continue to manage the PrEP Locator website, while NPIN will maintain the database. “I think if you provide a good public health resource, it will grow in unexpected ways,” says Siegler. “One of the most exciting things about NPIN is that they are so established in the community, which will enable a much broader base of people to find and use the PrEP finding tool.”

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