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Benefits of delayed marriage

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Women in Egypt who delayed marriage to age 18 or older enjoyed more long-term economic empowerment than child brides, according to a recent study led by Dr. Kathryn Yount, Asa Griggs Candler Chair of Global Health. “There’s clearly something about delaying marriage that enables women to better negotiate economic decisions in their families and to engage in market work in the long term,” says Yount. “Since that relationship is so strong, we’re hypothesizing that a later age at marriage could lead to enhanced self-esteem, self-confidence, and life experience.”

Child marriage continues to be prevalent in settings around the world, and the United Nations’ sustainable development goals have identified child marriage as a harmful practice that should be changed. Adds Yount, “The benefits of delaying marriage accrue not only to women, but also to societies as a whole through more inclusive growth.”

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