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Special Anniversary Issue

This milestone anniversary is an opportunity to reflect on the impact the Rollins School of Public Health has made though educating tomorrow's public health leaders, driving research that improves health and saves lives, and touching the communities in which it operates.
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"Looking back on all the decisions I had to make when I was in charge of the Woodruff Health Sciences Center, I am probably the proudest of the decision to create the public health program. The Rollins School of Public Health is extremely important in Emory’s place in the world." —Charles R. Hatcher, Jr., Former Director of the Woodruff Health Sciences Center

"Rollins has been a key academic partner for CARE. As an implementing organization, having a partnership with a high-caliber academic institution like Rollins has enhanced the work we have been able to do." —Helene Gayle, Former CEO of CARE, Inaugural CEO of the McKinsey Social Initiative

"The Rollins School of Public Health and the Carter Center have worked closely together and greatly benefitted each other over the years. Rosalynn and I are proud to join in the anniversary celebration." —Former President Jimmy Carter

"CDC and Rollins are more than next-door neighbors—since the school’s founding we have been close partners in public health. More than 100 of CDC’s top researchers hold faculty positions at Rollins, and many students and graduates get their first real-world taste of public health work at CDC." —Tom Frieden, Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

"With its close ties to the CDC, Rollins students have the unique opportunity to participate in research for some of the leading scientists in the world. That close relationship has enabled the transformation of Rollins from a local program into a great international school of public health. Today it is seen as a center of public health excellence that has no other equal." —Eugene Gangarosa, Professor Emeritus of Global Health

"It’s hard to overestimate the impact Rollins has had in establishing Atlanta as a public health mecca. Forty years ago, the CDC was just a communicable disease center, and the American Cancer Society and CARE were in New York. Then Rollins started pouring out well-trained students, recruiting world-class faculty, and working closely with the CDC as it grew. Now everyone looks to Atlanta as the go-to place for public health knowledge and excellence." —Virginia (ginny) Bales Harris 71C 77MPH, Former Deputy Director (Management), CDC

"The American Cancer Society provides an out-in-the-field laboratory for Rollins students and faculty doing important public health research. The talented people at Rollins have worked out thorny issues for ACS in terms of doing population science and prospective epidemiologic trials. We are able to accomplish more working together than we would be working apart." —John Seffrin, Former CEO of the American Cancer Society

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